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Jeannette & Chris — Minted
Excited to celebrate with you this weekend!
Weekend Weather: It’s looking like it will be a chilly one (40s + possible rain/snow). Bring a coat/layers! The wedding ceremony will be outdoors as long as it’s not pouring. The rest of the wedding will be indoors. Visit the Events and QA page for more details. If you need anything, reach out to Jeannette or Chris!




Jeannette and Chris

Please join us for our wedding celebration!

Our Story

Jeannette and Chris's first date took place on a chilly morning in November 2020, at the height of the pandemic. The sunny outdoor patio where they shared coffee and a Cajun-style breakfast provided a terrific space for Chris to impress her just enough, with his tales of cooking meatballs and traveling abroad, that she agreed to date #2!

As the winter progressed, serious discussions ensued, usually on important topics such as: Would you rather eat pizza or oysters for the rest of your life? If you didn't have to work, what would you do? (Jeannette would be an actress, Chris a full-time pool player). But mainly they talked about cooking food, eating food and sharing food with their friends and family. Chris never thought he would meet someone with such a striking combination of beauty, kindness and intelligence... and when he found out she was also a landlord (landlady?), well... *swoon*!

Over 650 tacos and countless margaritas later, Chris finally took Beyonce's advice and put a ring on it. We can't wait to make it official and celebrate with y'all!